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About us:
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the tale of two sisters

vol(t)age is an independent house of smart, functional and versatile fashion based in Luxembourg. Founded in 2011 by two sisters, Claudie and Stéphanie Grisius, the brand has forged its own path with determination and electrifying energy. 

Today, the brand is known for its luxuriously poetic handmade silk and velvet scarves and accessories as well as its range of graphic t-shirts and sweat-shirts known as the vol(t)age “smart-shirts.”


vol(t)age is a jeu de mots of the word “voltage” meaning electric and the French word “volage” meaning evolving and changing. Just as the name suggests, the vol(t)age pieces are made to playfully help you electrify and change your looks and mood.

In the last 9 years, vol(t)age has established it’ s own electric language of inspiration and self-reflection that transcends fashion to cheerfully uplift the mood of the woman wearing the vol(t)age pieces. It is a playfully profound language that is (out)spoken with confidence, using puns, jeux de mots, philosophical insights, mantras and messages of self-reflection to raise the vibes of its audience to electric.

Timeless, versatile, powerful and erudite, the world of ATELIER by vol(t)age is an intriguing interplay of elegance and function. It is a world that nonchalantly but artfully mixes bourgeois, punk, rock and bohemian vibes. It is a world that does not believe in pre-conceived categories but in authenticity and self-expression. It is a world that values form as much as function.

vol(t)age is in the air

Wardrobe therapy

vol(t)age is a jeu de mots of the French words
“volage” meaning changing and evolving and
“voltage” meaning electric, energized and powerful.

vol(t)age is not about fashion,
it’s much more about a wardrobe therapy
allowing and helping a woman
to feel comfortable in her skin, through inspiring messages.

Our mission at vol(t)age is to create
powerful, playful and mindful pieces
that help you bring out the best of your Self
and to constantly evolve into the person
you were meant to be.

Come help us playfully glamourize self-reflection and assemble a power wardrobe that speaks to our hearts.