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policing politeness

Policing politeness is definitely necessary for the maintenance of public order.

The goal of politeness is to refrain from behaving in an offensive way so as to not offend others and make all people feel relaxed and comfortable with one another. One of the absolutely positive impacts of the COVID 19 pandemic is that it has taken the concept of politeness to a whole new level.

Social distancing has become the new expression of everyday standard politeness. Before the pandemic, urban politeness had definitely lost its lustre. It was considered to be somewhat uncool to pay attention to other people in crowded spaces. The city and public transport were places of rare flagrant impoliteness : a frantic urban jungle where people bumped into each other, sneezed at ease on each other and shaked each others’ unwashed hands.
Today, people have found a renewed sense of mutual respect by respecting each other’s space. Being polite and at the same time policing politeness has become the new social etiquette and expression of savoir-vivre.
Let’s all live the new polite and join the POLITE ACADEMY as POLITE OFFICERS!