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galanteries nocturnes v-neck

385.00 inc. VAT

In stock (can be backordered)

an exquisitely dark romantic sumptuous butterfly print in mysterious grey, old rose, burgundy and turquoise hues adorned by light grey, burgundy, and black silks with a soft rich dark red dévoré velvet adornment.

Sensual, feminine, playful but grounded she indulges in the moon-lit magic of her wild garden. In the darkness of the night, she embraces the quietness of her passion, feeding her insatiable thirst for connection with her inner self.

For liberating passion.

-makes you feel playful

size & composition

size and fit triangular shape (folded square), the v-neck’s approximate measurements are: 140 cm X 140 cm X 200 cm (base).
composition 90% silk, 10% viscose
cleaning Dry clean only
made in Luxembourg
designed in Luxembourg


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